Sunday, January 26, 2020

San Clemente Lifeguard Tower

12 x 12" Oil on Canvas

Going To The Drive-In

12 x 12" Oil On Canvas

Self Portrait At Art Fair

12 x 16 " Oil on Canvas Board 

Lifeguard Tower, Ventura

12 x 12" Oil on Canvas Board

Laundry, Summer

36 x 36" Oil On Canvas

Flowers With Model

30 x 24" Oil on Canvas

Angles Crest Mountains

22 x 28" Oil on Canvas 

At The Dance Studio

24 x 24" Oil on Canvas

Sierra Nevada Painting

24 x 18" Oil  en Plein Air

Carpenteria Laundry Day

24 x 30" Oil on Canvas 

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Pacific Asia Museum

20 x 24" Oil of the museum in Pasadena

California Beach

20 x 24" Oil from a plein air painting....

Welcome To Ventura Sign

12 x 16" Oil  New version of the timeless classic...

California Mission, San Juan Capistrano

18 x 24" Oil painted on location and finished in the studio

Modern Lifeguard Tower

12 x 16" Oil of a Southern California Lifeguard Tower 

Santa Catalina Casino

16 x 20 " Oil painting done on location is a study for some larger works

Santa Monica Lifeguard Tower

12 x 16  Oil  

Plein Air Saturday

12 x 16" oil Updated version of one of my favorites....

View near Malibu

16 x 20" oil which is reworked for submission to a show...not included :(

Factory Interior

20 x 24" oil of a painting from sketches submitted to the CAC gold show. I hope it gets in.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Train Engine 3502

Mid-Day painting in Filmore, Calif. over a Rose Bowl Float painting. 24 x 24"