Monday, November 25, 2013

Beverly Hills Art Show

This is a painting of my setup at the Spring 2013 Beverly Hills Art Show. It was a fabulous event and I enjoyed painting while I was there. Here is an 8x10 study with my sign hanging out front.

1982 VW Camper

Here's a sketch of my westfalia vw van. 8x10"

Restoration Underway

Here's another car undergoing restoration. Since I painted this, the grill has been removed to be chromed. 8x10"

Friday, November 22, 2013

Bamboo Brush

When it rains, I work inside my studio under the skylight with my indoor brushes.

Ventura Produce Stand

Even though it is my favorite produce stand, I cannot seem to get a good painting from it. Finally, I gave up sticking to what was there and painted it as if I were standing on top of my van and moved the grove of Eucalyptus trees forward two miles. It's working now! 8x10" oil

Circus Vargas Tent Raising

This is one of my favorite subjects to paint. Maybe because of my love for the movie Dumbo and the opening sequence when the tents are being raised by the elephants and men during a storm. I always look forward to watching and painting this tent, even tough I hate the challenge of the yellow design on the material that ruins the shape and form of the overall tent. This painting is in oil and about 11x14". Roustabouts and machinery included in the shadows.

Hillford Moving

Wow! I let this blog down by not posting for a long time. Oh, I've been painting allot, but for some reason I have turned to fine tuning older starts. Some of the blogs have been updated with the newer versions of the same paintings.
This is a painting session I did with a good friend from Disney, Brian McKim. It's an oil and about 9"x 12". In 2009 we moved from La Canada Flintridge to Ventura and used Hillford Moving company. My studio is a stones throw away from this very spot.