Monday, August 18, 2014

Tower Slide

View of the ferris wheel with a tower slide to it's left. The ice is being delivered on the small cart, bottom left, across from white tables. One of the problems I ran  into with these fair paintings is editing. I hope to revisit these sketches with fresh versions. 12 x 12" oil

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Steam Tractor

The last day of the fair, I made it over to the agricultural section where I sketched this old tractor. It was all of 20 hp and looked dangerous to operate.
The overall warmth of this image is lost in the copy, but I did add a figure for scale. I don't like to work on the paintings after the fact, because they can get away from you.

Ocean Lane

The merry go round on the left was stationary as I started the painting. Trucks and workers filled the streets and the fairgrounds came to life. I had to make choices as to what to leave in and what to add. I wanted the Ventura fairgrounds building to be in the painting and deep space using Ocean Lane for the focus. 12 x 12" oil Canvas

Deep Fried Oreos

The structure on the right sold all kinds of deep fried foods. I made it through the twelve days without eating any, but am glad they are available, just in case. 
This painting was one that I had a chance to watch as the technicians tested the rides before the gates opened. the cars on the oval are going upside down and the big ship is swinging up.(towards the center) 12 x 12 oil on canvas board

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Anacapa Hall

This is a view from the midway at the fair on an overcast morning. I watched a talented artist illustrate letters using multicolored loaded tools yesterday. The flags on the left were done using this technique. 12 x 12" oil/canvas

World Of Wonders

There is a new concession at the fair with entertainers out front drawing in the crowds. A dashing man and theatrical woman invite the audience into see the show. There are sword swallowers and fire eaters. It gives the feel of the old days when there were side shows at the circus. The yellow posters near the center of this painting are very stylish. 12 x 12" oil/canvas

Monday, August 4, 2014

Big Ferris Wheel

Big Top

Fair Swings

Sunday after a light rain before the fairgrounds opened to the public, I knocked out this study of the view looking towards the south. If I use this for a larger version I will add some reflections and people with umbrellas. 12 x 12" oil/canvas board

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Fair Main Street

Here in Ventura, most mornings start off overcast. I like it for laying in  a painting because the values and colors are subdued. When the sun comes out you can punch it up. This is a quick study that I spent 45 minutes on before the fairgrounds opened. 12 x 12" oil/canvas

Beach Beer Shack

I chose this subject because it had a few surfboards hanging around the thatched bamboo hut. Half way through, they started inflating the safety cushion for the bungie jump. It is the white and orange shape near the middle. Things always change and open up as it gets closer to the time when the fair opens it's gates. 12 x 12" oil/canvas board