Saturday, August 13, 2016

Swings, Ventura County Fair

4" x 7" watercolour with a strong diagonal impression... I love working on location.

Magic Swings

4 x 7" watercolor of the ride bought from the Neverland Ranch owned by Michael Jackson....

Hanglide Fair Ride

4 x 7" watercolor of a ride at the Ventura Country Fair....This is an impressionist  painting because it is moving so fast, it makes for a challenge to get any details.

Fair Fun

4 x 7" watercolor of a ride that spun cages around in the sky....I'd rather paint it than ride it....

Friday, August 12, 2016

Strong Man Booth, Fairgrounds

7 x 4" plein air watercolor sketch

WindSurf Ride

4 x 7" watercolor pntg. in motion

Rollercoaster and Booth

4 x 7" watercolor painting 12 pm 

Fair Food Festival of Flags

4 x 7" watercolor plein air sketch

Fair Swings

9 x 12" watercolor with pen ... on location

Flying Bob's

9 x 12" watercolor done on location at the Ventura County Fair

Fair Funhouse

9 x 12 watercolor sketch at the ventura county fair 2016

Fair Ferris Wheel

9 x 12" watercolor done  en plein air.... oui

Fair Booth

9" x 12" Watercolor done at the Ventura Fairgrounds. Pencil first, color, line,vinette.

Fair Circle Ride

 4" x 7" watercolor