Monday, September 29, 2014

Dreamland Writer

12 x 12"

Dreamland Pedestrian

12 x 12" Oil

Dreamland Theater

12 x 12 " Oil

Dreamland Pool Safari

12 x 12" oil

Dreamland Hotel

12 x 12  oil on canvas

Dreamland Typewriter

Here are two stages of the painting before it was shipped to be part of the silent auction. The lower image is the last adjustments. I see also that my photography of the two versions is in need of more consistency. I use available light as a shooting source, so I expect some differences. 

12 x 12"oil

Dreamland St.

I am taking the liberty to post some recent new work for a "Dreamland" show in Beverly Hills.....
12 x 12"

Monday, September 22, 2014

Four Bells

Most bell towers have recorded bells sounds that ring on the hour. Some missions still 
have bells on display, and they are works of art. 12 x 16" oil


The colors of the soils are rich and full of oxides. No wonder the grapes have so much potential to make fine wines. 8 x 10" oil


After wine tasting, I sketched a few workers in the from the fields. 12 x 12"

Surf City

People turn their heads when they see a surfer in town, away from the beach. 12 x 12" oil

Harbor Building

Ventura Harbor has a few buildings for the commercial industry. This is one near the drydocks. 12x12" oil

Agriculture Equipment #3

I am tempted to add a worker to this painting for scale and interest. 12x12"

Agricultural Equipment #2

This tractor is fitted with a sprayers and tanks for the fields. 12x12" oil

I am happy they chose my tractor for the postcard and is included in the upcoming show. Hope they don't mind I have since painted it red...(;^)#

Agricultural Equipment #1

The most interesting thing about working on this painting was watching an old man snap a bull whip to scare the seagulls away from eating the strawberries. 12 x 12" oil