Monday, August 31, 2015

Vineyard Workers

This is another oil painting I have submitted to the Santa Paula Art Museum for the De Colores  exhibit. The show will honor the Campesinas. 12 x12"

Ten Hour Day

This is a painting I have worked on showing women farm workers "Campesinas". 20 x24" Oil

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Neverland Swings

12 x 16" oil 
This painting is another angle on the swings at the fair. A carny told me it was once on the Neverland Ranch owned by Michael Jackson. I intend to paint a larger version of it in the near future.

Carnival Prizes

Here is a view of a stand where you threw a baseball to knock over bottles. I'm sure the advantage was in the  favor of the carnival. The favorite of this stand were the Minons.
12 x 16" oil

Fair Tower

Fair Tower 11 x 14" Oil on Canvas board.... This is the last painting I did at the fair and had developed a practice of catching the rides as they moved. The carnies would test the rides before the public arrived. The red shape towards the middle was activated.

Looking West

Oil 12 X 16"

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Icee Stand

Oil 12x12"

Midway View

Oil 12 X 12"

Monkey Jungle

The view from the front entrance  12 X 12 "  oil

Children's Slide

"August 9 , 2015. 12x 12"
This was a painting that taught me to setup away from the entrance where the workers all entered. They expected a conversation while I was busy working. Headphones gave me a little excuse to ignore their jeers and questions.

Fair Swings #1

"Fair Swings" 12× 12" Oil
The color adjustment isn't quite right on this one. I hope to update it soon.

Fair setup

Here is my painting setup . Most days I look for shade to work in. It helps not having to have an umbrella .