Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Ray Harris Plein Air Class Details

                                    photography - Gerald Zwers

Plein Air Workshops   
    • These workshop classes will teach you the basics on how to approach plein air painting
    so that you can go out into the field and do it on your own. This class covers composition, color,
    drawing, and styles of paintings.

      • You may use oil, watercolors, acrylics, water-based oils, pastels, or casein.
      • Plein Air Ventura will take you to beautiful locations where you’ll learn how to paint on the spot.
      • I have been painting plein air since 1980 and have been influenced by Joaquin Sorrolla and John Singer Sargeant works of art. I am a member of the CAC  and have exhibited nationally.
      • Plein Air uses outdoor lighting and has changing conditions. It enhances your travels and you see things with a "fresh eye."
      • It’s for students of all skill levels. I will teach you the basics of painting, as well as give you confidence in your work.

    Class Dates and Locations
    May 5 -   9 am 12 Olivas Adobe
    May 12-  9am 12  Marina Park
    May 19-  9 am 12 Mission Park
    May 26   9am 12  Ventura Pier

    Demo starts at 9:00 sharp

    Price - $160 for four classes
    $ 50 for individual classes

    Payments may be made through

    VENMO     https://venmo.com/

    Friday, April 20, 2018

    Plein Air Painting Supplies


     OIL BRUSHES-  six different sizes  2,4,6 8,10, 12  I favor the bristle, which are rounded square in shape.
    WATERCOLOR BRUSHES - Flats, rounds and pointed brushes of several sizes.
    Sponges, water, and other items you are used to using.

    Easel of your choice,

    Palette of your choice, if it does not come with the Easel.

    Palette knives, and scrapers for laying in flat shapes and making lines.

    Soft charcoal or pencil.

    OIL PAINTS -Student grade works fine for most projects and it can save you some money.
    I like to have a warm and cool of each primary colors, with a few earth tone, black and white.

    Large Titanium White or Mixing White
    Ivory Black
    Yellow Ochre
    Burnt Sienna
    Burnt Umber
    Viridian Green
    Thalo Blue
    Cobalt Blue
    Alizarin Crimson
    Cad Red Medium
    Cad Yellow Light
    Thinner and jar to clean brushes
    Liquin Medium
    Paper towels
    Small trash bag

    Optional Equipment
       Clips to hold thinner container and medium jar in place
       Umbrella that attaches to easel
       TV tray
        Big Straw hat
        surgical gloves
        water and snacks
        a third arm to carry everything :)

    Tuesday, April 17, 2018

    Brush Up On Your Plein Air Painting

    I am excited about starting a painting class in Ventura County for adults interested in working on their plein air painting. For more information follow me on this blog.